East Africa Tourist Visa. Explore Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda with 1 convenient visa

The East Africa Tourist Visa will allow you to travel between Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda with the same multiple-entry visa.

This visa is the result of a joint initiative made by the Heads of State of the respective partner countries to boost regional travel and create opportunities for tourists to explore the diversity of East Africa.

This visa is eligible for tourists who want to visit Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda for tourism purposes. The visa will be issued at any of the diplomatic representations of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, at the immigration offices of the respective countries.

The East African tourist visa can also be obtained via the online visa portals of either Uganda, Rwanda, or Kenya.

How to Apply for the East Africa tourist visa

Applications for the East Africa tourist visa shall be lodged at any of the diplomatic representatives of the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda, at the Immigration Offices of the respective countries or online where applicable.


For those beginning their Safaris in Rwanda, you can apply through the Rwanda Online Visa Application System. As you apply, make sure to select the visa type of East African Tourist visa on the portal. For more information contact your local Rwanda embassy.


For those beginning their trip in Kenya, you can find information on the visa application process on the consular section of your local Kenya embassy’s website.


For those beginning their Safaris in Uganda, you can find information on the visa application process on the consular section of your local Uganda embassy’s website.


Dependents: All persons must apply in their own right.

Travel document: Any genuine acceptable travel document valid for not less than 6 months.

Visa Fees: 100 USD

Validity of Visa: 90 days

Single or Multiple Entry: Multiple entries

The holder of the East Africa Tourist Visa shall enter from the country that issued the visa and move within the two other countries without applying for another visa or paying another visa fee.

The holder is allowed to move between the 3 countries for a period of not more than 90 days. Visas issued for specific countries can only be used for that particular country

Work or No Work: Work is not permitted

Visa Extension: An East Africa Tourist Visa shall not be extended.

Typical Requirements

  1. One clear colored passport-size photo with white background recently taken without glasses, caps, and scurfs; (the photo should be attached to the application form by use of a glue stick. Stapling and clipping the photo to the application form is not advisable).
  2.  A complete filled application form
  3. A Visa application letter addressed to the issuing authority of the concerned country

Residents: Valid Resident permit

Residents living in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda do not need to apply for visas. Residents now need only a valid resident permit to explore the diverse cultures, landscapes, wildlife, activities, and experiences available in Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

More information can be found at www.visiteastafrica.org

NB: Citizens of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda can now move easily in the three countries using only a National ID or Student ID.

Residents living within the three countries can now use a valid resident permit to explore the amazing diversity that exists in the region.


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