Covid-19 Updates. A guide to safely visiting East Africa

The world has fully opened from the shut downs and closures that were brought about by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. This is because vaccinations and a better understanding of the precautions has enabled us to go back to regular life – with the ability to be safe and cautious.

While the situation is so much better, we have to keep in mind that the virus is still very much around and many people still contract covid-19. For travelers, this is especially important since being ill in a new environment completely spoils even the most perfect of plans.

Generally, it is expected that one should show a certificate of the vaccinations/boosters or a negative test that is not older than 72 hours.

Whenever we are organizing your trip, we make sure to give you the latest changes regarding covid-19 and any restrictions that might come along. This is done to make sure that you understand our commitment to your health and safety while on safari with us – and after.

Our staff and service partners are well informed on the proper protocols and safety measures put in place by the government and World Health Organization.

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COVID-19 Restrictions

With time and research, there has been more information about the coronavirus which has enabled all countries in the world to lift travel bans and loosen all the restrictions on entry and exit.

While the changes in requirements are no longer happening as before, it is good to keep up with what is happening in the place you intend to visit, a few weeks before your trip.

We encourage you to look at the respective government resources and websites which are updated regularly with all relevant statistics. Here are some important websites to look at for the latest official information on covid-19 and travel to East Africa.

# Country  Government / Ministry of Health covid website
1 Uganda  Government Covid Response Hub
2 Kenya  Kenya Ministry of Health
3 Tanzania  Tanzania Ministry of Health
4 Rwanda  Rwanda Biomedical Centre


Proactive & Preventative Measures

Here are some of the measures that we ensure are in place for your health and safety.

1. Hygiene Practices

Hand washing and sanitizing stations will be positioned strategically throughout lodges and camps for guest and staff use.

Masks and appropriate protective gear will be worn by lodge staff per guest request. The heightened sanitizing protocol will be in place within rooms and guest areas for an added layer of protection.

2. Health Checks

Temperature checks and health screenings will be available for international and domestic traveling guests.

In some cases, stations, where guests can periodically monitor their own temperature, will be implemented. Staff will be fully trained and educated on the latest health protocols by leading authorities.

3. Social Distancing

Social Distancing will be encouraged throughout common areas of lodges and hotels while dining, and while participating in safari activities. Lodges provide ample space and seating for all guests to accommodate the required physical distancing protocols in place.

4. Game Drives

Vehicles will be sanitized thoroughly prior to every game drive. The number of passengers will be limited on shared vehicles unless a larger group is traveling together.

Exclusive-use vehicles are also available per request at additional cost. Thankfully, game drives are already considered ‘safe’, as they are held outdoors in the open air.

5. Dining

A variety of dining areas will be available for guests to ensure that correct physical distancing measures are observed. Private in-room dining, bush dining venues, terraces, gardens, and other outdoor areas may be offered to guests for meals.

6. Guest Experience

Providing guests with an enjoyable experience is a top priority and keeping travelers safe and healthy throughout their journey. If all guests adhere to recommended hygiene practices prior to and during their time in Africa, together we can help keep each other healthy during this time.

All of the mentioned terms are effective for select properties and countries, and this will be discussed in detail with clients prior to confirmation of booking. World over, the COVID-19 situation is constantly changing and we will continue to keep this information updated as quickly as possible.

Final thoughts.

The coronavirus has been a devastating health risk to everyone in the world and we have learned to adapt to the changing times. The pandemic is still going on and everyone will have a different set of questions in regard to traveling – especially internationally.

We, therefore, encourage you to feel free to talk to us about any questions you might have about visiting Uganda and staying safe. This covid-19 update is meant to give you information on the current situations and lead you to the most trusted of sources.

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