Jinja City & Source of the Nile – Uganda

Jinja is the source of the mighty River Nile, the world’s longest river, which winds its way from Uganda through South Sudan, Sudan, and Egypt to the Mediterranean.

Jinja is the second largest city and second busiest commercial center in Uganda. Jinja was established in 1907. Dubbed The ‘Adventure Capital of East Africa’.

Jinja never disappoints. Jinja is in Jinja District, Busoga sub-region, in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The town is approximately 81 kilometers (50 mi), by road, east of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda.

It sits along the northern shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the White Nile.

According to the 2014 national population census data, Jinja is the largest metropolitan area in the Jinja District and the 14th-largest town in the country. Jinja has emerged as the adrenaline capital of East Africa.

Things to do in Jinja

1. White Water Rafting in Jinja

From mild to wild – white water rafting at its best in Jinja on the White Nile – you might get wet, but you will never forget the experience of rafting at Jinja in Uganda. You can take it a bit easy with a family float for you and your children.


2. Jet Boat up the Rapids

Jet boat up the River Nile Rapids at incredible speeds and enjoy the wild of the River Nile without being immersed in it except for a bit of spray. Simply the most awesome experience.

3. Kayaking

Tandem Kayaking with the most knowledgeable guide to take you down the rapids of the River Nile. You can also try River Surfing, another option at Jinja along the River Nile.

4. Sunset Cruises

Take a Sunset Cruise with dinner and drink at Jinja – simply a most enjoyable experience while at Jinja on the White River Nile.

5. Horseback Riding Safaris

Horseback riding safari along the Nile and there is even overnight horseback riding safari of two days – another way to enjoy the Nile, visit Villages and hamlets along the journey and take in the culture and sights.

6. All-Terrain Quad Bike Safari

All Terrain Vehicle Quad Biking along the River Nile taking in the sights and the local cultures as you ride through various villages. Visitors to Jinja find this an exhilarating experience.

7. Mountain Biking

Bicycling along the Nile at Jinja is a most enjoyable experience for visitors to the Nile area, there are a lot of places where you can ride a bike including along the Nile through various villages and hamlets.

8. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is not for the faint of heart, however many simply enjoy the experience of diving into the Nile River below. It is an unforgettable experience for most.

Areas of interest in Jinja

1. Source of the Nile

The Nile River is the longest river in the World. It has been marketed as one of the first European explorers. River Nile is the longest river in Africa with Lake Victoria as its source.

source of nile jinja

The river starts its 6,500km journey to the Mediterranean Sea (Egypt) beside Jinja town (Uganda) and holds the Owen Falls Dam the source of hydroelectricity for Uganda with one other dam under construction currently. A tour to the Nile will take you through another life of adventure.

There is a golf course unwinding along the banks and the source of the Nile provides a pretty focal point for the flow of water from Lake Victoria’s only outlet. A boat ride out to Samuka Island is another trip in itself, not counting the beautiful fauna you will see along.

Booking a safari downstream on the Nile River brings you to Adrift Nile High Camp with various activities including a Bungee jump. A few kilometers further, is Bujagali Falls, the adventurer’s capital with grade-five white water rafting, kayaking, river boarding, and mountain biking.

These activities offer a unique way to explore the river banks, passing through farms, forests, and villages beside the Nile.

Up along the Nile’s course is Lake Kyoga which also feeds the river with fresh water. The course then leads you to the great Murchison Falls, where roars of millions of liters of water dropping from a lullaby.

Activities such as sport fishing, game drives, and scenic viewing can make your safari to Murchison Falls an exhilarating experience. Murchison Falls National Park named after the Murchison falls provides boat trips to the foot of the falls that enable you to look at hippos, crocodiles, and magnificent birdlife.

Similar to gorilla safaris, the park at the falls organizes nature walks to the top of the falls for trekking chimpanzees. From this point, it flows through Lake Albert to the northern part of Uganda, to Sudan, and finally to Egypt where it pours its mass into the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Bujagali Lake (former Bujagali Falls)

Within the proximity of 10 kilometers, from Jinja municipality, Bujagali Lake is best known for both excursions and international tourism. The Lake also offers opportunities for bird watching, sunset cruises, canoeing, and more.

3. Itanda falls

Itanda Falls is about 27 kilometers from Jinja and the drive will take about 45 minutes. Located along the River Nile in Jinja District, Itanda Falls is a hidden treasure that is a must-see.

Known to kayakers and rafters, including Prince William of Great Britain, this stretch of the Nile is what eluded many visiting Uganda for a long time.

Because of the disappearance of Bujagali Falls, after a new power dam was constructed there, Itanda falls has gained popularity and attention has been placed on this jewel of the Nile. The falls offer you great opportunities for bird watching especially the weaver bird, camping, and picnic outings.

4. Lake Victoria Beaches

These beaches have been partially exploited for the location of tourism developments, especially hotels. These beaches include the sites at the sailing Club, Tilapia club, and Masese.

Besides the scenery, the lake can be exploited for water sports, which would attract domestic, foreign residents, and foreign non-resident tourists.

5. Islands in Lake Victoria

Several Islands are found in Lake Victoria including Samuka, Lwabitookel, Ndaiga, Ssese islands, and Lwabitooke.

There are several potential tourism activities including boat riding, racing, sport fishing, overnight camping, day excursions, and various water sports.

6. Industries

Numerous industries found in Jinja attract excursionists, especially school tours including textile, beer, Sugar, steel rolling, grain milling, and fish industries.

There are several agro-based industries such as sugar and tea processing establishments that have the potential to attract residents and non-resident tourists.

7. Tea & Sugar Estate

Tea and Sugar estates are currently exploited as tourist attractions. Agro-based industries have tourism potential as an attraction for tourists coming from countries where semi-finished products of sugar and tea are exported.

8. Sports

There are outstanding sports facilities, especially the outstanding Jinja golf pitch and the Bugembe Stadium, which offer opportunities for attracting international and national tournaments, whose participants are overnight visitors.