Mkomazi National Park – Tanzania

Mkomazi National Park – Tanzania

Mkomazi National Park is located in north-eastern Tanzania near the Kenyan border. The 3,234-square-kilometer park is located about 120 kilometers east of Moshi.

The nearest town to Mkomazi National Park is Mkomazi town. It began as a game reserve in 1951 and was designated a national park in 2006. Mkomazi was formed when two game reserves were merged. These were the east Umba Game Reserve and the west Mkomazi Game Reserve.

The park borders Tsavo West National Park and is part of the Mkomazi-Tsavo ecosystem. This is East Africa’s second-largest transboundary ecosystem. Elephant, zebra, and oryx herds migrate between these parks based on rainfall patterns.

Mkomazi is a haven for the black rhino and the African wild dog. Both are critically endangered species that were reintroduced into the park in the 1990s. Flora and Fauna Mkomazi’s environment is dominated by Acacia-Commiphora woodlands, ancient baobab trees, isolated rocky hills, and shallow grassland valleys.

Giraffe, oryx, gerenuk, hartebeest, lesser kudu, eland, impala, Grant’s gazelle, elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and cheetah are among the animals found in Mkomazi. In total, 78 mammal species have been identified.

Mkomazi is home to over 450 different bird species. The cobalt-chested vulturine guinea-fowl, ostrich, kori bustard, secretary bird, ground hornbill, doves, weavers, martial eagle, violet wood-hoopoe, guinea-fowl, and migratory species such as the Eurasian roller are among them.

Things to do in Mkomazi National Park

1. Game viewing

A game drive in Mkomazi National Park allows you to drive through the park’s trails and see several animals. Giraffe, dik-dik, zebra, wildebeest, Grant’s gazelle, eland, and topi are common sightings on game drives.

On occasion, herds of fringe-eared oryx can be seen on the plains. During the wet season, elephants from neighboring Tsavo visit Mkomazi.

2. Bird watching

Mkomazi National Park is a popular birding destination. Birds such as the Martial eagle, Ostrich, Weavers, Kori bustard, Shelley’s starling, and three-streaked tchagra can be seen while walking or driving around the park.

It is also the only place in Tanzania where you can see the beautiful vulturine guinea fowl. Ostriches, kori bustards, secretary birds, and southern ground hornbills are all common on the grassy plains. From November to April, migratory species such as the Eurasian roller are present.

3. Walking safari

Visitors on walking safaris walk around the park with an armed park ranger. Elephants, zebras, waterbucks, giraffes, birds, and other animals can be seen up close on these walks.

4. Hiking

The greatest time to hike the nearby Usambara and Pare mountain ranges is during the dry season. This is when the pathways are dry and the park has spectacular views.

To ensure that you have enough time to recover in the evening, it is advisable to trek in the morning.

5. Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary

Tanzania’s first and only rhino sanctuary is located at Mkomazi. You can witness black rhinos more easily than in the wild when you visit the Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary.

Accommodation Near the Park’s offices, there is one semi-permanent tented camp. There are a few designated basic campsites where campers are required to provide their own food and camping supplies. In the same town, there are many different kinds of lodging options, from high-end luxury lodges to cheap guesthouses.

Best Time to visit Mkomazi N.P

The greatest time to see wildlife in the park generally is during the dry season. This season runs from June through October. The wet season runs from November to May. This is when the scenery and mountain views are most spectacular. Elephants from Tsavo are also most likely to be seen during this time as they enter the park.

Getting to Mkomazi N.P

The easiest way to get to Mkomazi is via car. This takes three hours from Moshi or 5 hours from Arusha. The majority of travelers land at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

This is around 30 kilometers from Moshi. Or, one may fly into Dar es Salaam and then take a domestic flight to Arusha Airport. One will then take a 5-hour drive from Arusha to the Same town.

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