About Us

Primate World Safaris Ltd.

Primate World Safaris is a well-established Uganda Safaris and Tour Operator.

We are located in Kampala and we help travelers easily visit and enjoy all parts of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. Whether someone is visiting alone or as part of a group, we help them with safari planning and handling such that their focus is directed toward enjoying their trip and experiences.

Operating for more than 9 years, we are a fully registered and accredited company with memberships to the Association of Uganda Tour Operators as well as other important partnerships.

Our Company is dedicated to responsible tourism which is done through activities that benefit the local communities and protect the natural environment.

We have worked with people from all parts of the world who are visiting East Africa to experience gorillas, wildlife, culture, or any other activities. Through a process of collaboration, we are able to help our guests focus on their trips – because we have taken care of all the other details for them.

We are comprised of a team of professionals who are passionate about travel and sharing East Africa’s great experiences with you. Therefore, you should feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we’ll be eager to answer your queries.

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Why Choose Us

Here is why we make a good fit to handle your upcoming African Safari

1. We are local.

This means we know what we are selling and where we are taking you for your Safari.

2. Passionate team

We are not just going through the motions, we enjoy every part of helping people travel and enjoy East Africa.

3. Strong partners.

To ensure the best experiences for you, we have built a network of important partners with hotels, airlines, national bodies, and more.

4. We are green.

We are committed to the conservation environment in all the destinations we take our guests to.

Great Experiences Await You

Our Safari packages include a combination of any of the following experiences.
In Uganda & Rwanda
In Uganda & Rwanda

Hiking & Mountain Climbing

Africa's best mountains
Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania
Rich & Diverse African Culture

Photography Tours

See East Africa in your own way
1000s of different bird species
Grade 5 rapids on the Nile

Day Tours & Excursions

For when there isn't time


Responsible Travel

Primate World Safaris is also a member of Responsible Travel, an online travel agency and one of the largest green travel companies with more than 5,000 holiday packages from over 900 holiday suppliers.

Assoc. of Uganda Tour operators

We are affiliated with the membership body of the Tour Operators & travel agents in Uganda – AUTO. The Association represents the interests of Uganda’s leading and experienced tour Operators.