Wifi & Internet Access while visiting Uganda.

As you come for your Uganda safari, it will be easy for you to keep in touch with the people back home.

There is good network coverage in all parts of Uganda. This means you will get access to both mobile internet and Wi-Fi at some establishments.

Unlike the previous times before the internet, it is now easier to connect with your people back home.

Wi-Fi & Internet Access In Uganda

Mobile Internet

The best way to access the internet while in Uganda is by using mobile broadband on your phone. There are 2 major mobile providers in Uganda – Airtel and MTN.

With either network provider, the network covers all parts of Uganda.

Wifi & Internet Access on safari

The biggest advantage of the mobile network is the flexibility it provides. This flexibility allows you to keep up with home even when you are on a game drive. You can also post highlights of your Uganda safari trip, as they happen.

With mobile internet, you need to buy a local sim card from which to access the internet. If your phone is network locked to a provider in your home country, talk to your guide such that mobile data is set up on his/her phone which will provide you with a shared Wi-Fi connection.

You could get internet from the mobile hotspot of your guide’s phone. Or, you can buy a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (Mi-Fi) to provide internet on the go.

In some parts deep in the national parks, the network might be very bad but these are the places where you don’t even look at your phone. If you need to make some calls at a specific time, talk to your guide so that you are not out of range when you need to connect.


Most places in Uganda do not have public wi-fi but hotels and lodges usually do. If your lodge has wi-fi, you ask the staff and they will help you connect to their network.

In most cases, this shared wi-fi is not going to be fast and reliable for sensitive heavy workloads. Talk to your guide about your specific needs and he/she will help you out.

Final thoughts

Technology has made travel easier in so many ways. One of which is the ability to keep up with your loved ones from all over the world.

Visiting Africa used to mean days or weeks of not knowing how your people are doing. Now they don’t have to wait for pictures of all the great experiences on your safari. You can even video call someone and directly share with them your experience of Uganda.

All in all, life in Uganda is as modern as anywhere else. Whether you are in the city or 300 kilometers away in the middle of the national park.

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