Game Safaris. Wildlife Viewing Experiences

The African savannah is well known for its wide variety of wildlife and the undeniable clarity of how survival is truly for the fittest. A game safari involves going to national parks or wildlife reserves with the intention of seeing wild animals in their natural untamed environment.

Whether you want to see the great Migration with millions of animals putting on the most epic show or you want to quietly walk with rhinos, giraffes, or zebras, wildlife safaris are a great way of experiencing the African wilderness.

Game safaris can be enjoyed in various ways, depending on where you are visiting and what is possible there. Game viewing can be done on foot, on water, in a vehicle, or in the air. Your final safari itinerary often tells you which forms you will be using to see the wild animals.

Our guests often enjoy seeing the following wild animals in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, or Rwanda. Depending on what you want to see, our safari consultants will help you narrow down where to go.

Our safari packages are carefully crafted with on-ground knowledge to make sure that your experience is truly worthwhile.

Take a look at the game safaris shared and see which tour program is more inspiring to you. Look through with an open mind, and feel free to talk to us because all our safari packages are very customizable.

Additionally, you can choose to send us an inquiry for a personalized safari. This can be completely based on your needs, schedule and budget.