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Game Drive Safaris: Tailor-Made Big Five Wildlife Safaris in East Africa

Game Drive Safaris: Tailor-Made Big Five Wildlife Safaris in East Africa. The African savannah is well known for its wide variety of wildlife and the undeniable clarity of how survival is truly for the fittest. A game safari involves going to national parks or wildlife reserves to see wild animals in their natural untamed environment.

Whether you want to see the great Migration with millions of animals putting on the most epic show or you want to quietly walk with rhinos, giraffes, or zebras, wildlife safaris are a great way of experiencing the African wilderness. Game safaris can be enjoyed in various ways, depending on where you are visiting and what is possible there. Game viewing can be done on foot, on water, in a vehicle, or in the air. Your final safari itinerary often tells you which forms you will be using to see the wild animals.

Our guests often enjoy seeing the following wild animals in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, or Rwanda. Depending on what you want to see, our safari consultants will help you narrow down where to go. Our game safari packages are carefully crafted with on-ground knowledge to make sure that your experience is truly worthwhile.

Take a look at the game safaris shared and see which tour program is more inspiring to you. Look through with an open mind, and feel free to talk to us because all our safari packages are very customizable.



Additionally, you can choose to send us an inquiry for a personalized safari. This can be completely based on your needs, schedule and budget.

Game Wildlife Safaris Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Game Wildlife Safaris

What Animals Will I see on a wildlife Safari?

When talk about game wildlife safaris, we most often mean seeing wild animals that live freely in the savannah parks and reserves. Given that we run many wildlife safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania, the variety is quite unmatched.

Keep in mind that not single park will be fantastic will all the animals but our safari consultants will help you pick out the ones that best match your interests.

Here are some of the animals you will see on a wildlife safari with us.

 Lions  Leopards  Elephants  Crocodiles
 African Buffaloes  Rhinos  Giraffes  Hippos
 Zebras  Hyenas  Cheetahs  Wildebeest
 Antelopes  Eland  Warthogs  African Wild dog

How will I see the Animals in the wild?

Each national park or reserve has its own modes of exploration – based on the geography and the conservation needs. For most savannah parks, you will have your safari by driving through designated trails in a safari vehicle with a pop-up roof or open sides that made wildlife viewing much easier.

East Africa Game Drive Safaris
East Africa Game Drive Safaris

Parks that have navigable rivers or lake also have boat cruises which offer a great view of the animals and birds as they gather in large numbers near the banks for water. Queen Elizabeth NP‘s Kazinga channel and the Nile in Murchison Falls NP offer one of Uganda’s best wildlife viewing on the water.

In some other parks, a hot air balloon and a scenic flight are other ways you can get to see wildlife from a bird’s point of view. These are especially great for the great migration in Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti where you get to watch the chaotic scenes of 2 million migrating animals.

Where should I go to see wildlife in East Africa?

East Africa Game Drive Safaris is regarded as the home of the African safari. This means that there are very many places where you can enjoy incredible wildlife safaris on your visit.

Depending on which country you intend to visit, our safari consultants can help narrow it down. In the mean time, here are the top places where you can go and see African wildlife in all its glory and grandeur.

In Uganda. Consider the following national park for Wildlife viewing safaris.

  • Murchison Falls National Park – World’s most powerful waterfall and towering herds of giraffes.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park – Uganda’s most popular, with tree climbing lions.
  • Kidepo Valley National Park – Isolated in the north, probably the purest savannah wilderness.
  • Lake Mburo National Park – If you truly can’t get enough of zebras.

In Kenya, you can visit these parks and reserve for incredible wildlife

  • Masai Mara National Reserve – Especially for the great wildebeest migration.
  • Samburu National Park.
  • Amboseli National Park.
  • Tsavo East National Park.

In Tanzania, these parks can be visited for wildlife viewing safaris

  • Serengeti National Park – Especially for the great migration.
  • Tarangire National Park.
  • Lake Manyara National Park.
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

In Rwanda, wildlife safaris can be enjoyed in Akagera National Park.

How much time is needed for a satisfying wildlife safari?

It is hard to say what amount of time you will need to spend in the wild to fully be satisfied. The reality for most people is that you would never have enough of it. The savannah is an every changing place with its animals making every day a new and interest look at life.

Most of our East Africa Game Drive Safaris spend a day or two in the national parks, with clear descriptions of where the time will be spent. This is to give you a full experience in the shortest time possible. If you prefer a more relaxed and slow approach, we can tailor your wildlife safari to spend extra time in the savannah with the animals.

Keep in mind, that you might be one of those lucky people who will always want to spend more time in the wild, enjoying the purity of nature.

When is the best time for a Wildlife Viewing Safari?

While you can visit the wild animals at any time of the year, the best time for a wildlife game viewing safaris tour is during the dry season months of the year. This is when the temporary water sources have dried up and all animals come to the permanent water sources – where you get to see them in big numbers.

Each of the national parks and reserve have a difference in climate which means you have to plan properly and ahead  of time. Generally in East Africa, our dry season runs from December to February and again from June to September – with slight variation in the different parks.

You should however know that even in the wet season, you can still see animals. The other advantage of the wet season is having the park to yourself due to no crowds.

Whatever your own schedule allows, talk to one of our safari consultants to work on what can happen for you.


Is it safe to see the wild animals on a wildlife safari?

East Africa Game Drive Safaris are very safe and animals don’t attack humans. The game drives are conducted under strict rules and guidelines to protect the people from any unexpected situation with the animals.

On a game drive, you will typically stay in the car and watch from there – especially when you get to the animals. For walking safaris in the parks, you are often escorted by an armed ranger from the park management to ensure that you are safe. As long as you adhere to the simple guidelines, you will be safe from the animals.

Given that the animals are wild and their actions are unpredictable, you have to follow the rules for safety – even if that means ending your time in the wild a bit early. While this rarely happens, your safety is always prioritized above anything and the authorities take that seriously.

What are some rules I will have to follow during a wildlife safari?

Safari rules are made with safety of visitors and animals in mind. So, you will generally have to respect the animals and their home by not feeding them, not littering and not getting to close to them.

Beyond these baseline rules, your guide or the park ranger will tell you the rules that are more specific to your given activity or the animals you are going to see.

Understanding that these measures are meant for the protection of both yourself and the animals, you should follow the guidelines of your East Africa Game Drive Safaris guide or ranger and ask before doing anything. The animals are wild and don’t follow any rules, but if we follow these proven measures, we are able to enjoy spending time with them in the wild.

What should I pack for a wildlife safari in East Africa?

We usually advise our guests on what to pack for their specific safari. Generally for East Africa Game Drive Safaris you will need to pack for the scotching sun of the savannah as well as essential items.

Here is a summarized packing list. You can visit our article to delve deeper into what to pack for a wildlife viewing safari.

  • Long sleeve shirts & long pants – to keep the bug away, especially in the evening.
  • A wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses  – to protect you from the sun.
  • Sunscreen to protect you from the sun.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • A camera and extra batteries or cards – for your pictures.


Where will I stay on my Wildlife viewing safari?

The tourism industry in East Africa is well developed and regardless of which country your tour is happening, you can always get various options for accommodation. There are many hotels and lodges in and around national parks where you can stay. These lodges cater to various budget needs.

East Africa Game Drive Safaris
East Africa Game Drive Safaris

To get a better grounding on accommodation we use on our safari tours, you should take a look as some of our itineraries to get an idea of which exact hotels we often use. Additionally, you can talk to us about getting you the kind of accommodation you want.

Take a look at our lodges pages to explore some of the lodges we use.

What are some other activities worth combining with a wildlife safari?

In truth, very few East Africa Game Drive Safaris are strictly wildlife viewing safaris, but have it as the major activity. Wildlife safaris can be combined with any activities especially those which are nearby or requested by the client.

In East Africa, you can combine wildlife safaris with white water rafting on the Nile, Chimpanzee tracking, Mountain gorilla trekking, Cultural tours, Mountain climbing as well as visiting our beautiful beaches among many others.

Taking a look at some safari packages will give a better idea of how the safari flows and easily combines wildlife viewing and other safari experiences. When you reach out to us, we can design a custom safari where we create a trip that combines all the activities and experiences you want.


Why should you go on a wildlife safari with Primate World Safaris?

We want to take you on East Africa Game Drive Safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or Rwanda.

Here are 3 great reasons why we are the right choice.

  • We have more than 10 years of experience taking guests to visit the various parts of East Africa.
  • We have a team of knowledgeable people ready to help you achieve your safari dreams.
  • We have well trained professional driver guides who know Uganda and East Africa like the back of their own hands.

To really get a proper feel of who we are as people and as a company, read the about us section and take a look at our reviews of platforms like TripAdvisor.