45 Restaurants in Kampala worth checking out while in Uganda’s Capital

For most travelers in Uganda, the best food experience will be when you finally eat the Chicken Luwombo or taste the Matooke & Eshabwe, Rolex all locally prepared in one of the many restaurants near Kampala.

Coffee being one of the largest exports in Uganda means it’s in plenty and you can enjoy a perfectly blended Americano or espresso at any of the coffee shops.

Kampala is a busy town with traffic all day long covering most roads but this doesn’t stop your city tour. A lot of interesting things to see and learn but most of all the local food, and cuisine in Uganda.

Different kinds of local dishes are prepared in the many restaurants and come quite at an affordable cost.

There are definitely more than 45 Restaurants near Kampala but here are some of them that can be easily accessed & reviewed online. This means you can easily read the latest reviews from previous customers as well as quickly get directions

Top restaurants to eat at in Kampala

  1. Amagara Cafe Bistro, Nakasero
  2. La Patisserie, Gabba Road
  3. Le Chateau, Gabba Road
  4. Piato Restaurant, Lumumba Avenue
  5. Fang Fang Restaurant, Nakasero
  6. Nanjing Restaurant, Nakasero
  7. Tamarai, Kololo
  8. Izumi Restaurant, Kololo
  9. Mezo Noir, Kololo
  10. The Lawns, Kololo
  11. Asian Fusion, Kololo
  12. Kabira Country Club, Bukoto
  13. The Bistro, Kololo
  14. Khana Khazana, Kololo
  15. Shaka Zulu, Bugolobi
  16. Jikoni, Kololo
  17. 2K Restaurant, Ben Kiwanuka Street
  18. The Great Indian Dhaba, Kololo
  19. Olives Restaurant, Naguru
  20. Mythos Greek Tavern, Kololo
  21. Cafe Javas, Several locations in town
  22. Holy Crepe, Muyenga
  23. Cantine Divino, Kololo
  24. Torino, Kololo
  25. The Hickory, Kololo
  26. Kati Kati, Lugogo
  27. Seven Seas @ Sheraton Hotel, Nakasero
  28. Saba Restaurant – Onomo Hotel, Nakasero
  29. Copper Chimney, Kololo
  30. The Meatup, Lugogo
  31. Angaan. Lugogo
  32. Nawab’s Asian Bistro, Kololo
  33. Mediterraneo, Kololo
  34. Cafesserie, Kololo
  35. 7-hills Revolving Restaurant, Kololo
  36. Vitamin Cafe, Kololo
  37. Middle East Restaurant, Ntinda
  38. Stone Haven, Kololo
  39. Yujo Izakaya, Nakasero
  40. The Coterie Book Cafe, Bugolobi
  41. The Yard, Bugolobi
  42. The Patio, Ntinda
  43. The Villa, Ntinda
  44. Caffè Roma l’originale, Muyenga Tankhill
  45. Bight of Benin Restaurant, Kololo

Most of our safari packages start and end in Kampala and can be customised to add a day for you to explore the city’s hustle and bustle, including any of these restaurants for some Ugandan and international cuisines.