Budget Uganda Safaris. Budget-friendly Uganda Holiday Packages in 2023.

Cheap Uganda safaris make it possible for more people to visit the various attractions in Uganda, and make beautiful memories with nature and new people. The desire to travel and experience new people, cultures, and exotic experiences is shared by so many people. One of the major things that get in the way of travel is the money to finance the travel and holidays.

Fortunately, there is always a way of doing your travel on a tighter budget and Uganda is ideal for budget African safari travel. Uganda boasts a wide diversity of cultures, landscapes, and wildlife in one warm and welcoming country.

For most people, an African safari is both intriguing and intimidating because of so many unknowns. These budget-friendly safaris are intended to give you a crystal clear picture of how our safari packages are designed, as well as give you the confidence to come to Uganda for your next African safari adventure.

One of the big items for any Uganda safari is transportation and accommodation. With our decade of experience, we have learned to optimize our safaris such that our guests don’t have to break the bank for a trip.

You might want to come and spend some time with Uganda’s Endangered mountain gorillas, watch wild animals in the open savannah or spend some time with the local people learning about their lives and history. Whatever your way of seeing and experiencing Uganda, we believe in making it happen for you.

With so much flexibility in how your trip will be planned and put together, you will get to have your desired experiences and leave with a full heart. All this, without breaking the bank.

Here are the top budget-friendly Uganda safari packages we have chosen for you. Look through them with an open mind and remember they can be customized to every detail of your preference.

We have even more safari itineraries on the website and feel free to look beyond these 4 – and whichever piques your interest, feel free to talk to us.

Budget Uganda safari Holidays

1. Gorilla Tracking Safari in Bwindi (by road) – 4 days

3 Days Gorilla Tracking

Seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is one of Africa’s most gratifying wildlife experiences. This 4-day gorilla trekking safari holiday is ideal for anyone who simply needs to check this epic experience off their bucket list.

On this safari, our guests get the opportunity of having a close encounter with mountain gorillas, deep in the rainforest where they live. If your gorilla family has some babies, you will enjoy seeing them play around while the older gorillas relax.

Depending on what else you would love to do in Uganda, more destinations can also be included for your own safari holiday.

Take a look at the full detailed itinerary to get a clearer idea of what awaits you on this 4 day gorilla trekking adventure.

2. Wildlife & Gorilla Safari Holiday in Uganda – 5 days

Uganda Gorillas & Wildlife

This safari package takes you to Queen Elizabeth and well as Bwindi Impenetrable National Parks.

On this trip, our guests enjoy the classic wildlife viewing in the vast savannah and then go to the deep forests of Bwindi for personal face-to-face encounters with the endangered mountain gorillas. This trip combines the first and second trips in this list to offer much more in a short time of 5 days.

In Queen Elizabeth, you get to see animals like elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, crocodiles, hippos, antelopes, monkeys, and hundreds of bird species. In Bwindi, you will spend 1 hour with a chosen gorilla family and witness how they live deep in the rainforest.

Here is the full program of this safari holiday. Look through and get a feel of how it would work out for you once you go on safari with us. 5 Days Wildlife and Gorilla trekking safari holiday.

3. Group Adventure Holiday – 7 days

Uganda Safari Holiday

This small-group adventure is ideal for budget travelers who want a mix of wildlife, gorillas, and extreme adventure.

This safari package takes you to Jinja where you get to tackle grade-5 rapids on the Nile. You then view Uganda’s savannah wildlife and the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

For a small group, this trip will cover several places and interests so that everyone in the group can have their top interests catered for. The 3 main spots of this holiday are the Nile, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

These are very popular Ugandan destinations, and it is possible for you to visit while sticking to a tight budget.

Take a look at the full safari package to get a better understanding of how everything would flow for you.  7 Days Group Adventure Safari in Uganda

5. Uganda Wildlife Holiday – 8 days

Honeymoon Places in Uganda

This 8-day Uganda safari holiday offers great opportunities for seeing chimpanzees, gorillas, and savannah wildlife. You get to enjoy close encounters with chimpanzees, gorillas, and savannah wildlife.

As our close animal cousins, seeing both gorillas and chimps on the same trip can be quite an eye-opening experience. Beyond primates, you will see animals such as elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, hippos, antelopes, and lots of bird species. All of this can be organized for our guests to provide a budget-friendly option for exploring these great experiences.

Have a look at the full tour program to get a feel of how this trip could flow for you. 8 Day Chimps, gorillas and Wildlife Safari in Uganda

Final Thoughts

These 4 Uganda safari packages are not only customizable with the great possibility of being really cheap, but they are also among our most popular. Many of our clients go on one of the 4 safari tours mentioned above, and they customize the program to suit their needs.

As much as our website has many resources to help guide your decision, we love interacting with you so feel free to reach out with anything on which we can provide help and clarity.
Alternatively, you can send us a fresh request for a custom safari and we start out with a blank canvas and then build your perfect safari together with you.

We are waiting to hear from you and are excited to help you visit Uganda and create some everlasting memories.

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