Kenya is the home of African wildlife safaris and is arguably one of the best places to experience the East African wilderness. Many people from all around the world come to Kenya to enjoy wildlife viewing experiences in any of the various wildlife-protected areas.

The most popular of these wildlife havens is the Masai Mara where visitors get to see big herds of wildlife, especially during the months of the great migration.

Besides the Masai Mara, Kenya has several other parks where you can see wildlife and birds all year round.

Beyond the wonders of the wild, Kenyans have rich cultures and histories that can be experienced in all corners of the country. From the pastoral culture of the Masai to the centuries-old history of the towns on the Indian ocean, you will make authentic connections with Kenya and Kenyans.

Kenya’s beautiful attractions as well as the ideal sunny and warm climate make it worth visiting.

Take a look at some of the safari holiday packages shared below to get an idea of how some trips flow. These packages are intended to inspire your next trip and give you a concrete idea of what you would see, do and experience.

As you look through the itineraries, remember that all the holiday packages can be customized to suit your personal style, budget, and schedule.

Alternatively, you can directly request for a custom safari and we’ll design everything from a blank page and base every detail on your preferences.