Ugandan Rolex. The Ugandan street food you must try.

Rolex is a popular Ugandan recipe or street food (snack) that is enjoyed by all people rich or poor. It involves eating a chapatti combined with fried eggs and some tomatoes, onions & cabbage.

Uganda is well known for its tasty dishes from all the cultures and tribes, but none come close in popularity to the Rolex. This is because it is easier to make and can be had at any time by anyone.

The name ‘ROLEX’ is thought to have derived from ‘rolled eggs’ – which is fitting given that the eggs omelet is rolled together inside a chapatti. The Preparation of the Rolex involves rolling the chapatti & eggs together and that’s where its name was derived.

The idea originally came from a Ugandan businessman in Kikoni, Near Makerere University – Kampala. Most of the students from the university stay around the area and they always needed a quick & cheap meal.

It’s quick food and can be ordered at any Chapatti stall in Kampala and any small town around the country. Additionally, you can order a rolex at any big hotel or chain restaurant and you will have it made for you. It is everywhere.

This Rolex delicacy spread out fast within Uganda and to other parts of the world due to its yummy taste and low cost. It was named among the top African Fast foods by CNN – meaning anyone visiting Uganda needs to taste it.

Most Kampala city tours will take you around the town where you will be able to see a number of Rolex stalls and perhaps you could have one for lunch since it’s a quick meal. Street food is one great way of experiencing any new place and there is nothing more street food in Uganda than a rolex – so give it a try on your visit.

Apart from the Rolex, there is a ‘Titanic’ which is also like a Rolex but involves two or more chapattis rolled together plus other items.

The ‘Kikomando’ also prepared by the Rolex sellers is another delicacy of its own. Here the chapatti is sliced and mixed with beans. It was derived from a ‘commando soldier’ eating a quick meal while in the war zone.

As the rolex has evolved, there are now many creative variations that have meat, chicken, veggies, mayo and other additions. These are thriving nicely along with the classic rolex.

Make a Ugandan rolex at home.

Since it is easy to make a rolex at home, why not give it a try. Here are some simple steps to follow. Since we aren’t experienced chefs, look out for detailed videos.

Making a Rolex shouldn’t be hard and it will only need you to follow a few steps;

  • Prepare the ingredients to make a chapatti i.e. baking flour, cooking oil, salt, boiled water, etc.
  • Have the necessary items needed to mix within the Eggs, i.e. cabbage, onions, tomatoes, green paper, and eggs.
  • You will need a frying pan but the most recommended are the ones locally made in Uganda as they give a certain amount of heat necessary to make a superb Rolex.
  • After making the chapattis, you will need to set them aside and then add some oil onto the frying pan and let it heat up.
  • Beat some eggs like 2 or 3 and mix in Onions, salt, cabbage & green paper. Fry the eggs and then add a chapatti on top of the eggs while they are about to get ready. Give it about 15 seconds and you can remove it from the heat/pan.
  • Cut some fresh tomatoes in slices onto the chapatti and egg. Then roll them together. You now have your Rolex – the Ugandan street food.

Here is a short youtube video to quickly show you the process.

It was recently launched as a culinary tourist attraction in Uganda and the first-ever Kampala Rolex Festival was held in August 2016 at the Uganda Museum. Subsequent Rolex festivals are still an enjoyable cultural event for both locals and visitors.

In November 2021, the largest Ugandan rolex was recorded in the Guinness book of world records. This record-breaking rolex weighed more than 200 kilograms.

World records and festivals aside, the rolex is very popular in Uganda and every day hundreds of thousands of Ugandans are having a rolex for breakfast, quick lunch, supper, or a quick snack.

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