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Photography guidelines on Uganda safari holiday

There is no charge for personal filming of gorillas and other scenes with personal video cameras, e.g digital, SLR etc in Uganda or Rwanda.

Professional photographers, filmmakers, or media should advise us at the time of booking as special procedures are required as well as costs to be incurred for photographing and filming.

The safari vehicles you travel in may be equipped with an inverter for recharging but you should not rely upon this and always ensure you have additional batteries for your cameras/videos.

You may be able to charge directly from the car battery but you will need to supply your own equipment to do this. The film, tapes, batteries, etc. are not always readily available in Uganda – ensure you have ample for the trip.

Most lodges operate on solar power and so have limited facilities for charging batteries and some none at all, so come prepared with extra, just in case, and charge up where ever it is possible en route on your safari – do not wait until down to your last battery!

Do not photograph any government buildings, police, or military posts. Ask permission before photographing local tribespeople. For gorilla photography, a 35 – 70 mm zoom, or 50 mm fixed is usually sufficient, but you may want to carry a longer lens remember you may well be in low light conditions.

Take fast film if using film (200-400 ASA plus), as you are not allowed to use a flash. Please check your camera beforehand to ensure you know how to turn it off manually.

For game & bird photography obviously a longer lens would ideally be recommended 80-300mm. Do not spend all your time with the gorillas trying for the classic photograph, look around you and observe and enjoy these gentle animals.