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Looking not to spend a fortune on your African holiday, these cheap Uganda safaris are an ideal choice for most travelers. Uganda as a country is quite affordable since the GDP is still low but the costs might be up there. A comfortable Luxury Safari lodge might even go above a thousand dollars but the cheap ones are even below a hundred dollars. Entry visa to Uganda was recently reduced to $50 to increase on the number of tourists coming in, this way the government would get revenue to improve infrastructure including the roads to the national parks and many other things.

Most Cheap Uganda safaris are characterized by the cheap accommodation, cheap car hire and fewer destinations. This blog proves this wrong by providing you with some of the best holiday packages that anyone would find more comfortable at a lesser budget. They have been expertly planned by a reputable Uganda safari company and are 100% tailor-made, meaning you can switch things up a little to your needs.

Below is our list for the top 5 Cheap Uganda safaris in order;

  1. Murchison Falls holiday – 3 days

This amazing short holiday to Uganda’s largest & oldest national park has been rated one of the best safaris with amazing experiences. Get to encounter lots of animals including Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Hippos, Nile crocodiles, birds and not forgetting the Rhinos at Ziwa. Travelers to this park won’t need to spend a Lump sum of money. Best for couples, groups, and solo travelers who are willing to experience an exciting adventure at the spectacular Murchison falls. Accommodation within this park varies from budget to luxury. see tour

Uganda wildlife activity holiday


  1. Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safari – 3 days

Undoubtedly every travelers dream in Africa is to get close the Mountain gorillas and this is one the gorilla safaris that will take you to the premier tourist destination in Uganda – Bwindi forest. This safari involves a trekking experience, cultural encounters with the local communities and more. It has been planned by a team of expert safari consultants and can also be tailor – made to suit any traveler’s needs. Thousands of travelers reviews have rated this destination to be among the world class tourist destination and with this package, you will find it very much affordable. Looking to have a thrilling adventure experience but with a little budget… then this is the perfect package for you. see tour

Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park , Cheap Uganda safaris


  1. Queen & Gorilla Safari – 5 days

One of the best wildlife experiences on earth, you can’t believe that with a low budget, you will be able to see two most famous attractions in Uganda i.e. Mountain Gorillas & Tree climbing lions. The Ishasha part of Queen is popular for these lions and can be seen while en-route to Bwindi, all in south western Uganda. The Queen & Gorilla Safari will take you through Uganda’s highlights including the Equator and terraced hillsides in Kigezi region – Kabale. It also gives you a chance to engage with the local communities near Bwindi forest i.e.  Batwa people. Most photographers looking for a perfect tour to include on their African list wouldn’t dare miss this one. see tour

Queen Elizabeth national park , Cheap uganda safaris


  1. Small Group Adventure Holiday – 7 days

Most travelers from USA, Australia, Asia & other places prefer to move in groups and this 7 DAYS adventure holiday is perfect if looking for a Cheap Uganda safaris. With highlights like white water rafting on the River Nile, gorilla trekking in Bwindi, wildlife viewing in Queen all this at an affordable cost by a Uganda Safari company. There is so much more to see within the pearl of Africa but this holiday sums it all up. A week can be enough for even a couple on a honeymoon holiday in Africa but since this tour can be tailor-made, it can be designed according to your needs with the help of a safari consultant. Compared to the rest of the packages offered by other companies, we would recommend you to book this very one since it has been expertly planned and comes quite affordable. see tour

Nile Rafting - Jinja tour


  1. Uganda Wildlife Holiday – 8 days

Willing to experience the most exciting wildlife journey in Uganda then this is package for you. It’s rated 5th among our top cheap Uganda safaris but we would recommend you choose this very one since the budget will not be strained. With this tour, you will get to see the chimpanzees in Kibale forest, also known as the primate capital of the world, and also with many bird species. More to that, you get to enjoy game drives, Launch trips in Queen Elizabeth park and trekking through the misty jungles of Bwindi forest to see the Mountain Gorillas. This is Uganda’s best Safari Holiday planned by our travel experts and comes with an affordable budget. see tour

uganda wildlife holiday - ishasha lions


The list above has been compiled by Primate World Safaris – a local travel company based in Uganda but also offers Safari tours to Rwanda. These tours have been rated according to different traveler reviews, prices and the flexibility for each package i.e. if it can be tailor made to suit anyone’s needs.  We would recommend you to choose the package of your choice and then give us a call today or send in an inquiry to our safari consultants by mail:

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