Mabamba Swamp Entebbe

The best place in Uganda to see the famous shoebill stork in its natural habitat is the Mabamba Swamp located west of Entebbe. Getting here is quite easy as it takes about 1 hour to drive here for the 40km distance from Entebbe town. It’s also advisable to take a boat tour across Lake Victoria, reaching Mabamba Swamp by boat rather than road which gives you an opportunity to see most of the other birds. The shoebill stork can be easily seen in the morning when they stalk their main prey.
A one day birding trip to Mabamba Swamp is available and can be arranged by any tour operator /agent.

Uganda has over 1000 species of birds which makes it a favorite place for birders from all over the world. The famous shoebill stork can be found in many other places like Nabajuzi swamp in masaka, Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo, Semuliki national park, Lake Kyoga and Ziwa wildlife reserve. The shoebill survives on a diet of mainly lung fish, water snakes, frogs, puddle fish and that could be the reason why it’s normally found in swamps. It’s also found in UWEC Entebbe zoo and u can take a closer look at it while there.

Shoebill Mabamba Swamp
Mabamba Swamp Shoebill

Other birds which can be spotted around Mabamba Swamp include; African jacana, Blue breasted bee-eater, Long tailed cormorant, Papyrus gonolek, Hammerkop, Grey headed kingfisher, Northern brown throated weaver bird , little egret and many others.


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