Visiting Uganda. Specific insights about visiting Uganda

We have real-life experience in organizing and executing successful safari packages for our guests. The ultimate goal with each of our services is to share the authentic Uganda experience – whether it is in the wilderness or mingling with the local Ugandan deep in the village.

We share many articles on this website as a way of sharing our insight to help you easily answer some of the questions about visiting Uganda.

Read through some of the articles here, and feel free to reach out and talk to us about any questions you might have.

Alternatively, you can satisfy your curiosity by taking a look at our Uganda Safari Itineraries. Just have a look and use your imagination to get your own feel of your safari experiences.

Entebbe Zoo - Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

Places to see in Entebbe, Uganda. Top 5 places to checkout on your visit.

Entebbe, Uganda is a bustling city located on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is home to many interesting and beautiful sights, making it a great place to visit while in Uganda. If you’re planning a trip to spend some time in Entebbe, be sure to put these top 5 places on your list of...
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Health Guidelines for Uganda Safari

These health guidelines for Uganda will help you properly plan your safari to Uganda for gorilla trekking and wildlife viewing experiences. Travelling, especially to far and distant places comes with some extra considerations. The different geography and way of life often mean you have to think about your health and comfort. When you come on...
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45 Restaurants near Kampala worth checking out while in Uganda’s Capital

For most travelers in Uganda, the best food experience will be when you finally eat the Chicken Luwombo or taste the Matooke & Eshabwe, Rolex all locally prepared in one of the many restaurants near Kampala. Coffee being one of the largest exports in Uganda means it’s in plenty and you can enjoy a perfectly blended Americano...
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Souvenir & curio shopping in Uganda

Souvenirs & Curios shopping in Uganda

Souvenirs and curios are what we take home as reminders of the great experiences had on trips. This is how you can approach souvenir shopping during your Uganda safari holiday with us. Souvenirs are the great reminders that our guests take home as the physical items whose buy and origin are attached to one of...
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Luggage & packing guide

Luggage & packing guide for visiting Uganda

This luggage & packing guide gives you professional insight on what to consider when packing for your Uganda safari holiday. Properly packing for your trip is a very important aspect of your African safari holiday. There is no single solution to the packing list anxiety because your needs are very specific to you and your trip....
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Queen vs Murchison

Queen Elizabeth vs Murchison Falls for wildlife safaris. Comparing Uganda’s top wildlife parks

Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks are Uganda’s most loved and visited savannah parks where guests go to see all manner of wildlife. Both national parks have a long and rich history and offer incredibly authentic opportunities for seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. In both parks, you can go on game drives and...
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African Safari from America

African Safari from America. How long is a flight to Africa from US? [with airlines]

Going on an African safari from America can seem quite daunting because of the distances and flight logistics. While this used to be more complicated, the process has become easier as the world grows and becomes more interconnected. Technology now makes it easy to plan your entire safari trip via the internet as well as...
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