Visiting Tanzania

Choosing Your Safari Package

Choosing Your Safari Package. Helpful Insights to guide your planning.

Choosing your safari package is a big decision you have to make as you plan your African holiday. You will need to decide on activities, dates and your overall budget for the entire trip. While the process of choosing your safari package can be overwhelming and slow, good planning often leads to a well-executed safari...
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Popular African Recipes

12 Popular African Recipes you ought to try

The best way to enjoy your Safari Holiday in Africa is getting to taste one of these popular African recipes locally prepared and very tasty leaving you with good memories. Most African countries grow their own food on countryside farms and then it’s sold in local markets. You will rarely find stores/supermarkets selling ‘real food’...
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Safari Cost

Safari Cost. How much is it to visit East Africa ?

Your all-inclusive safari cost includes many details such as transport, accommodation, activities & more.  You would be right in assuming that 99% of all people have a desire to travel because experiences are truly more satisfying than things. Unless you are visiting nearby placers in your local area, travel always requires committing some resources in...
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