Safari Preparation

All the excitement of going on an African safari. None of the preparation anxiety.

Going on a safari comes with some well-expected planning anxiety. From the flights, packing, weather, food, and all the other details, safari preparation is an integral part of going on your safari.

Depending on your specific safari package, there is a wide variety of resources to help you correctly prepare for your upcoming safari.

We have many helpful resources shared on this website. These can make it possible for you to learn more and get a better understanding of us, our destinations, activities, and everything in between – at any time, in any place.

Some of the common safari preparation resources are shared below and offer a good starting point for very insightful articles that go into better detail.

Alternatively, you can reach out and talk to someone on our team about any specific questions that you might have.

Climate & Weather

What is the weather like?

East African DestinationsThe general climate in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda is tropical. This means it is warm and sunny every day of the year.

The major distinction in seasons is because of rainfall. Depending on the exact details of your safari and when you will be traveling, we advise you to better prepare.

Here is a complete guide to Uganda’s weather and seasons.

Passports & Entry Visa

Do you need a visa to come to Uganda?

uganda visa tourist visaVisiting Uganda or any other country in East Africa requires you to have a valid passport and to buy an entry visa for the specific country or multiple countries you are visiting. Depending on your citizenship, you could be visa exempt but this is for a few countries.

Our safari team will always inform you of the visa necessities that relate to your trip. In the meantime, you can take a look at the Uganda visa requirements for tourists as well as the need for an East African tourist visa.

Flights to East Africa

How do you go about getting my flights?

There are several International airlines that come to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania on a daily basis. This means it is quite easy to get an airline you already like and trust. Depending on where you are coming from, the flight times will differ. 

African Safari from AmericaBefore booking your flights, you should align with your safari schedule to avoid any last-minute rushes and anxiety. In the event that you are a little apprehensive, feel free to reach out to us. Two heads are better than one.

Here is a full article about flying to Africa for a safari from America. Even if you would be flying from a different place, the article gives you great insight into your own flights.

Food & Health

How is the Food?

African food is tasty and full of character, and an experience worth trying. Of course, you will also be able to get lots of familiar dishes.

In the event that you have some food allergies, tell us and we’ll make sure the hotels/lodges are aware.

Your allergy medicine and any other medicine should be carried with the consent and recommendation of your doctor. 

Personalized Safari Itinerary

Can your safari be fully customized?

Yes. All the safari packages we share on this website and other platforms are fully customized and can be changed to suit your style and travel goals.

We know that every traveler is different and we love making the changes that will make your safari special. The process is as simple as talking to our team so that your vision of a safari can be planned and attained for you.

You can send us a direct request for a personalized safari and we’ll design everything from a blank page.

Alternatively, you can look at our already-made holiday packages to see which one inspires you. And we’ll make the changes that make it truly perfect for you.