Common Wildlife in Uganda & Rwanda

Africa is known for extra-ordinary diverse natural resources, fresh water lakes, mountains, forests, hills, valleys, woodland & grassland. Africa is also the best places to see wildlife, birds, primates and the rarest species in the animal Kingdom.

The untouched mass tourism in Uganda & Rwanda is incredibly the best adventure for any tourist coming to Africa. The experience moving from different wildlife parks in search of the rarest species is unmatched. Also getting a close encounter with the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and Volcanoes national parks makes your holidays in Africa memorable. There is nothing you can compare to waking up on African sunrise, ready to see the Lions roar amidst the Savannah game parks.

Be ready to encounter some of the big game in the different national parks including elephants, rhinos, buffalo, hippos and the Rothschild’s giraffe. With an experienced and informative tour guide, you won’t miss catching a glimpse of the predators including the leopards plus many others. You will also get to see some of the human’s closest living relatives – the chimpanzees found in Kibale and Nyungwe forest national parks. Other places do have these primates including the Budongo forest, Mabira forest, Mgahinga national park and the Volcanoes. What makes your holiday with Primate World Safaris a memorable one, is the experience & passion towards Uganda’s & Rwanda’s wildlife history. Africa is truly a mystery with lots of undiscovered myths and lots of wildlife, birds, primates, reptile.

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