A holiday tour in Uganda (Also known as the Pearl of Africa) is considered to be memorable by most travelers who have been there. The Gorilla trekking experience, white water rafting, Cultural encounters with the Karamajong & other local people all bring the anxiety to any visitor. But without your ‘camera’ or other essential items, you would miss out on most of the action. To avoid being dissapointed, here is what you should carry for a holiday tour in Uganda.

Essential items of equipment  for a holiday tour include

  • Sun protection gear like hat/cap (with under-chin tie so wind doesn’t blow it off), sunglasses/shade, and sunscreen with insect repellent (clear gel, not cream)
  • Rain gear including a rain coat and a warm jacket for cold and chilly places such as the highlands
  • Mosquito net (most lodges provide these)
  • A rechargeable flashlight
  • Binoculars

A camera and all spare batteries you may need plus extra memory card. Most lodges and hotels have 24 hours electricity supply that you could use to recharge, but that is only when you are back at the lodge.


Low cut hiking boots are great for general safaris and light treks such nature walks and chimpanzee tracking expeditions. Mid-cut hiking boots are preferred for long treks and over rough terrain such as during gorilla trekking, volcano and mountain climbing. Gumboots should be a considered addition for long hikes during the rainy season. When you retire to the lodge after a day of adventures and you have put away the dirty boots, you’ll need a pair of lightweight sandals or flip flops as you chill around and about.


The weather for most parts of the country is generally warm so you should consider packing mostly light clothing. If you are going on a long safari (up to 10 days), you should consider including in your backpack these clothing: convertible hiking pants (most longs safari include hikes and nature walks), 2 to 3 short sleeve and long sleeve T-shirts, bicycle warmers for chilly mornings (for some cold regions such as southwestern Uganda), up to 4 pairs of socks, up to 5 pairs of underwear, a cashmere sweater, a pair of black yoga pants for evenings. For the rainy season/days also include a rain jacket, and rain pants.

Do not forget your malaria prophylaxis and required immunization i.e. yellow fever, hepatitis A, tetanus, polio, meningitis, and possibly rabies and typhoid.


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