Kampala sightseeing bus

A few weeks ago, the Kampala sightseeing bus is one of the recent experiences launched in Uganda’s tourism industry. It might not be enough time to see all the interesting places within Kampala in just one day because there is so much to see. A city originally built on seven hills but expanded onto several others after it grew in terms of population and development. Today there is over 2.5 million people living in this town and all from different cultures & tribes.

The Kampala sightseeing bus is one of the most exciting ways introduced recently to enable visitors in Kampala enjoy their tour in the city.

There are two trips daily starting from 9:00 am in the morning for about 4 hours and the other at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The sightseeing bus has many routes especially around Kampala, but for Entebbe and Jinja towns, it takes organised group trips. Breakfast or Lunch are served prior to the tour on the bus.

A number of restaurants, hotels and recreational facilities exist in this capital including one of the recently launched Pearl of Africa Hotel – a 5 star luxury hotel. If looking for local cuisines and dishes, you won’t fail to find one in the normal restaurants within the town.

A visit to Kampala involves moving to several attractions like the Kasubi tombs, Uganda matryrs shrine and many other interesting sites. Kasubi tombs site is one of the most visited places by visitors in Kampala and it’s a great cultural site where you get to learn more about the history of the Buganda kingdom. It is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site and your city tour shouldn’t miss it.

Kampala sightseeing bus


How much does it cost to be on the Kampala sightseeing bus ?

With just about USD$35 (Foreigners) you will be able to enjoy seeing the beauty of Kampala with chances to take as many photos on the sightseeing bus. East Africans pay up to 100,000/- per person and 50,000 for children / students. The guides will give you up-to-date information about Kampala city making your tour a memorable one.

Apart from the Kampala sightseeing bus, there are many ways you can tour Kampala city and one of them is by the Bodaboda city tours. Very exciting and adventurous, it’s one experience you would live to tell. Bodabodas in Kampala are known to beat the annoying traffic and are much faster compared to the other means. If rushing somewhere or running late, this would be the best option. Safeboda – an online booking platform for Bodabodas is one of the many ways you can easily to get to your destination.

While in Kampala, there is so much to see and you can inquire from a known or recognized tour operator to help you know about all these places before you start your trip.

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