ndahiura silverback gorilla

Ndahura, a 28-year old silverback Gorilla and leader of Bitukura group in Bwindi Impenetrable national park died on Sunday morning on the 18th of December 2016. Having fallen 50 meters from a tall tree at around 8:00AM, he appeared to be in a state of shock after the fall, but his condition deteriorated very fast and it was so unfortunate that he died shortly after.

The fall occurred while Ndahura was feeding on Chrysophylum fruits and the tree branch he was perched on broke under his weight. Unfortunately, Ndahura failed to maneuver and grab other branches in order to break his fall. A broken tree branch also fell on top of him, and trackers reported that when they removed the broken branch, Ndahura struggled to sit up.

A team of Ugandan Gorilla doctors performed a quick post mortem on Ndahura’s body and it was discovered that he died of massive trauma, multiple fractures, hemorrhages among other things.
The Ugandan tourism industry mourned the death of “Ndahura” and it’s considered as an economic setback in Uganda’s tourism.

According to sources over, 70 tourists travel to Bwindi daily to do gorilla tracking whereby only 8 people are allowed to go and visit them per day.

Booking a Gorilla Safari is quite easy as it will help you book the gorilla and chimpanzee permits in time for your trip. Gorilla permits are at 600$ and chimp permits at 150$. Uganda is one of the three countries where it’s possible to visit mountain gorillas and every year, thousands of tourists travel to come see these gorillas.
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