Our Long Uganda Safaris are a combination of some of the best places to see in Uganda with breath-taking activities. These have been designed to ensure you are satisfied with the beauty within the Pearl of Africa. These long tours listed below start from ‘6 days’ being the shortest and the longest being the one for ‘28 days’. Our friendly team at Primate World Safaris has selected the best long Uganda safaris from the many other options. These packages will take you to our favorite holiday destinations, Uganda has to offer. From these long Uganda safaris, you can also get a template to build your own tailor made tour.

Tailor Made Long Uganda Safaris

A number of activities have been included e.g. gorilla trekking, chimp tracking, hiking, rafting, wildlife viewing, birding and so many more. You can ask for a price quote from any tour you select by making a simple inquiry to the tour consultant. Other details like accommodation, day to day program, meals can be got from the safari page or you can still inquire from us for any other details. We also do have short tours and Day trips and can be browsed through the Menu on the Safaris/Uganda Safaris Category. Please browse through some of our best selected long Uganda Safaris and let us know which one you are interested in!!

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