Uganda is gifted with a number of fresh water bodies, the biggest being the Lake Victoria. The world’s second longest river – River Nile, also has its source in Uganda and runs all the way through Sudan & Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea. Launch trips can be defined as Boat rides but involve a 2 – 3 hour voyage on a Lake / River to see wildlife, birds and amazing scenery. They are mostly included on Wildlife Safaris to most game parks in Uganda that have the activities.

Launch trips in Lake Mburo national park

Explore the eastern banks of Lake Mburo on a 2 hour boat trip to see a variety of birds and wildlife. You will come across hippos, crocodiles, and buffaloes. Colorful kingfisher birds, fish eagles, Hammerkops with enormous nests and the famous shoebill are some of the birds seen here.

Launch trips in Paraa, Murchison falls

Part of the Victoria Nile is located in Murchison falls national park, Uganda’s biggest game park in the north western part. The park is bisected by the Nile and also forms the gorgeous Murchison falls, one of the world’s amazing waterfalls. Launch trips upstream from ‘Paraa’ region will take you to see an astonishing display of wildlife and ends at the bottom of the falls. Every bird lover would call this worth a trip as many species are spotted including the elusive shoebill. Wildlife seen include hippos, Elephants and the Nile crocodile.

Launch trips at the Kazinga Channel, Queen Elizabeth national park

The Western part has many other Lakes, rivers, explosion crater lakes and other man-made lakes. The famous one is the Kazinga channel found in Queen Elizabeth national park. This is an oasis for many fascinating species that inhabit the game park. A Launch trip on the 40km Kazinga channel is worth it and takes about 2 to 3 hours. With an expert ranger guide on board, you will have enough information about the residing species and more interesting stories. A lot of animals are seen while on this tour like Elephants, Hippos on the river banks, Crocodiles, monitor lizards, birds and more. The Kazinga Channel flows into Lake George and nearby fishing villages get their fish from this lake.

Launch trips are a perfect way of seeing the rare beauty within the game parks while having an opportunity to take as many photos as possible. In Uganda, they can be organized in three parks, i.e. Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park & Lake Mburo national park.

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