Launched in 1993 in the United Kingdom, Wanderlust is the leading magazine for adventurous and authentic travel. Its Reader Travel Awards are based on readers’ travels from December 2015 to November 2016. Results are based on an average satisfaction score (converted to a percentage) rather than the number of votes cast. An entry required a minimum number of votes to be considered. Rwanda came first in the category of the Top emerging Destinations by wanderlust with an average satisfaction score of 97.14%.

Rwanda is known as one of the East and Central African countries to conserve wildlife and this is seen by the three national parks that are found in Rwanda. Wildlife conservation deals with protecting endangered species such as plants, animals and their habitats in their natural settings. Among the goals of wildlife conservation are to ensure that nature will be available for future generations to enjoy and know the importance of wildlife and wilderness lands to human.

In Rwanda there are three designated conservation areas established as national parks to mention them include Nyungwe forest national park which has an area of about 101,9000 hactares, Akagera national park which covers an area of about 108,500 hectares and volcanoes national park which covers an area of approximately 16,000hactares and also home to approximately one third of the worldwide mountain gorilla population.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Tours

For the last 20 years, Rwanda has been slowly making its mark on the travel map.

Wanderlust’s top emerging destinations 2017:
1. Rwanda 97.14%
2. Bhutan 96.92%
3. Bolivia 95%
4. Georgia 94%
5. Nicaragua 93.3%

Bolivia makes the list for the third year running, while Bhutan, Nicaragua and Georgia show there are still hidden treasures on all continents of the globe.

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