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The best way to enjoy your Safari Holiday in Africa is getting to taste one of these popular African recipes locally prepared and very tasty leaving you with good memories. Most African countries grow their own food in the countryside farms and then it’s sold in local markets. You will rarely find stores / supermarkets selling ‘real food’ apart from flour, sugar and those small ingredients used in cooking. These are the Local & traditional African recipes, cuisines, fast foods that anyone should try out. From the North Africa to West Africa, South Africa and East Africa all listed here.

Popular African recipes you need to taste

Ofada rice – Nigeria

A Locally made delicacy in Nigeria with a unique Ofada aroma & flavor. It’s basically short brown rice planted in south western part of the country. This sweet & saucy recipe can be well enjoyed if served with Ayamase (designer stew). It’s believed that this recipe will benefit anyone in their health like lowering their blood pressure because of its rich source of magnesium.

Ofada rice, Nigerian foods & delicacies, African recipes

Waakye (African Rice & Beans) – Ghana

Originated from northern tribes of Ghana, Waakye is one of the most popular Ghanaian street food/recipes. Its preparation involves getting the following ingredients; Waakye leaves, Waakye powder, white long grain rice and black eye beans. Waakye is served with other accompaniments like stew, shito (black pepper sauce), spaghetti (talia), gari foto, fried ripe plantain, boiled egg, avocado pear and salads.

Thieboudienne recipe – Senegal

Thieboudienne is the most famous dish in Senegal also considered its national dish. It’s made from fish, rice and tomato sauce. Onions, carrots, cabbage, cassava and peanut oil are also used as ingredients in preparing this Senegalese dish. Thieboudienne can also be found in other neighboring countries i.e. Mauritania & Gambia


The Ndole – Cameroon

A popular African dish which is like the Cameroonian flag revered by children and worshiped by the elders. It involves a mixture of fresh peanut paste, shrimp, crayfish and beef. The Ndole is a rich dish and but the original recipe only uses bitter leaf – a wild plant commonly found in Western Africa. It can also be substituted with Collar green, Kale or spinach leaves. If served with boiled sweet plantain, the Ndole would be the best of the African recipes.

Nyama Choma – Kenya

Kenya’s favorite is the Nyama Choma which translates for ‘Barbecued Meat’ / Roasted meat in Kiswahili.  If served well with Kachumbari, Salad & Ugali, while using hands to eat, anyone would agree that this is tasty & delicious.

Injera with Doro Wat – Ethiopia

Of the most popular African recipes is this Ethiopian Delicacy called the Doro Wat – a thick spicy stew served with boiled eggs. It’s served with Injera that is made out of fermented Teff flour – a tiny, round grain that flourishes in the highlands of Ethiopia. The stew is put on top of the bread allowing it to soak up the tasty juices.

Garba – Ivory Coast

It is a popular dish and consists of Attieko in a couscous shape and pieces of fried salted tunas. It is the ultimate traditional fast food for the population of Côte d’Ivoire especially Abidjan. Garba is the slang name for Attieko in Ivory Coast. The name “Garba” is clearly related to the fact that this dish is sold mainly by Nigerian nationals.

The Rolex – Uganda

Many think it’s the ‘watch’ but no, in Uganda it’s one of the common street delicacies. Originated from Kikoni, Makerere hill in Kampala, this food involves a mixture of vegetables, fried eggs and chapattis rolled together. ‘The Rolex’ became common after it was recommended by various tourists who visited Uganda before. Can now be ordered for in 5 star hotels in Kampala but on the streets is where you will find the original recipe.

Chipsi Mayai – Tanzania.

Going back to East Africa, we look at a popular junk food called ‘Chipsi Mayai’ also known as Zege. This recipe consists of French fries (chips) and eggs (omelet). Mayai means eggs & Chipsi meaning the French fries. This is probably the sweetest and easiest recipe you will find in Tanzania.

Couscous – North Africa

Couscous is a North African dish made of semolina and is traditionally served with various meats and vegetables. This Maghrebi dish of small involves steamed balls of crushed durum wheat semolina, usually served with a stew spooned on top. The Couscous is a staple food in North African cuisines & can be found it in Tunisia Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania.

Cachupa Rica – Cape Verde

This is a famous dish from the Cape Verde islands. It is a slow boiled stew of corn, beans, spices, onions, potatoes, chicken, tuna or beef. It’s the national dish of Cape Verde and it’s in different variations i.e Cachupa rica, Cachupa pobre, Cachupa refogado. It’s related to the French cassoulet and the Brazilian feijoada and combines influences from many parts of the world.

Bitlong – South Africa

This is South Africa’s favorite Snack that consists a variety of dried, cured meat. Various types of meat are used to produce including beef and game meats. Biltong is a healthier alternative to more ordinary snacks like chips and dip and has an excellent source of protein.

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