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A Gorilla permit in Uganda will give you the access to get close the famous mountain gorillas living within the impenetrable forests of Bwindi. The deep jungles are an amazing destination for any traveler, one that you can’t afford to leave out on your bucket list.

As of February 2018, the cost of a gorilla permit in Uganda is at USD $600 equivalent to GBP £429 (2.1 million Uganda shillings) which can be bought from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, (UWA) office in Kampala.

The gorilla permit is worth the price because you will only see these creatures in Uganda, Rwanda & DRC but also part of the cost will go to helping the local communities and conserving the wildlife. The volcanoes national park in Rwanda is an alternative destination but the price was doubled to $1500 from $750 in May 2017 by Rwanda Development Board.

Bwindi Impenetrable forest, is located in the southwestern part of Uganda, and is one of Uganda’s most popular destination, also recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. Bwindi National park also has a variety of other species including birds, primates, vegetation and more.

In future the price of a gorilla permit in Uganda might increase depending on the situations that could affect the economy. As of today it’s just USD $600, quite affordable by anyone planning an African Safari, oh and not forgetting the chimps – humans closest living relatives commonly found in Kibale forest, western Uganda. Your trip would be incomplete without these two, chimp tracking is a worth-while adventure and a chimpanzee permit will only cost you USD $150 from the UWA office. There are quite many other places to see the chimps in Uganda & Rwanda as well, the Ngamba Island situated on Lake Victoria is an example and Nyungwe forest in Rwanda.


From the start to the finish of your journey in Uganda, you would agree that this is an amazing country blessed with beauty, nature and life. Most travelers would recommend you to have an efficient travel planner to help you on your itinerary and explain more on the costs of the trip.

Primate World Safaris – a safari operator founded by Jackson is one of the best companies that have been recommended as seen on a few reviews on Trip Advisor.


How to easily get a Gorilla Permit in Uganda?

If coming to Uganda for the first or tenth time, it’s always recommended to book for a gorilla permit through a Tour Operator/ Travel Agent. Why? Because they need to be booked for in advance, you would be shocked if you arrived in Uganda and you were told there are no chances to go trekking. A specified number of permits are availed per day for each location in Bwindi i.e. Nkuringo, Rushaga, Ruhija and Buhoma. The UWA office is located on Kira road, Kamokya, Kampala just after the Uganda Museum. To purchase permits from here, get to the reception and ask for the Reservations office. Most travel agents / Tour Operators book for permits in advance making it easier for tourists to plan their gorilla trekking safari.

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