5 September 2016
rwanda mountain gorilla groups


Background Information on Mountain Gorillas Facts & History The endangered Mountain Gorillas of Uganda won’t be found in any zoo in the world (they do not […]
24 August 2016
Gorilla tracking rules and regulations

Gorilla Tracking Tips & Guidelines

For most travelers, Gorilla tracking ranks among one of the absolute highlights of a trip to Uganda, and the awesome feeling that you get being before […]
24 August 2016
Responsible Travel Tips

Responsible Travel Tips

Before You Leave If booking your Uganda safaris  and accommodation beforehand, try to choose a responsible tour operator and lodge. Think about what to take. Stuff Your […]
24 August 2016
Visa fees for Uganda now at 50$

Uganda Reduces Visa Fees to $50

Uganda reduced the visa fees for single entry into the country effective July 22nd 2016 to $50. The recent increase of the visa charge from $50 […]
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